The flight is scheduled for October 2016, in the early evening of UT, on a day with appropriate meteorological conditions, including the southern wind (160 – 200o direction).

The take-off time will be announced a day before and all of the logged participants will be able to check  detailed weather forecasts and take-off announcements.

The balloons will take off in the academic section for modern technologies in the Pole Mokotowskie area in Warsaw. This place is symbolically connected not only with great Polish achievements in aviation, but also in the field of space exploration, as it was here, at the nearby Warsaw University of Technologies, where the first Polish satellite was constructed.

The Modern Technologies Centre is also the place where the idea of Varsavianistic Studies was born.

Der Start des Ballons wird von Entwurf einer mobilen Anlage  "Sanduhr" - Doktorandin der Fakultät für Malerei an der Akademie der Schönen Künste in Warschau - Joanna Tumiłowicz begleitet, Zusammenarbeit - Stiftung " Zentrum für Olympische Erziehung"