We are waiting

We wanted to show how beautiful Warsaw is, green in the summer or, as it is now, golden and red in the autumn. The balloons and the crew are ready, however this year's climate and weather conditions, especially the lack of proper wind, have not been in our favour for quite a time.

Moreover, we are determined to start from Pole Mokotowskie and keep our route above the city center as planned, what makes our mission even more challenging due to factors unrelated to the weather: close proximity of two airports and official buildings. We do not want to change our plans, nevertheless, because the route we chose will show the most extraordinary spots and spaces in the city.

We are still waiting for the right wind and weather, with no additional obstacles, then. As soon as the chance for the flight arises, we will notify all those who registered their gallery ideas – an e-mail will be sent you one day prior to the start. To not miss the flight, please do not wait any longer to fully register: send a photo of your gallery space and add a short description of your idea.