The author and coordinator of the project is Marek Ostrowski, who is experienced in all of the fields that the project covers. He has specialized in aerial photography for forty years and he created the largest civilian collection of aerial photographs of Warsaw and Poland.

He is the author of award-winning series of photo albums entitled Bird's-Eye Poland and Warsaw Triptych (Wars's Perspective, Sawa's Perspective and Varsovia.pl Generation). His large-scale works have also been presented at open-air exhibitions across the country and in galleries abroad. His balloon flight experience covers the organisation of the balloon take off from the courtyard of the University of Warsaw in 2003 and the balloon journey over the Tatra Mountains in 2007, among others. He also organized a 600-kilometre rafting trip on the Bug River in its most restricted border area.

The creator of Varsvianistic Studies as an interdisciplinary academic specialization for city education and research on the example or Warsaw.

Ostrowski is a university professor, whose lectures about Warsaw are attended by 600-800 students per year, which places them among the most popular classes. He has also created the civic-scientific project City Knowledge Academy, supported by the Faculty of Biology and Modern Technologies Centre at the University of Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the city of Coventry, United Kingdom. Ostrowski was awarded the Order of Polonia Restituta for outstanding achievements in the field of education and promoting modern methods of research.


Author of the project
Marek Ostrowski

Mission programme committee
Prof. Agnieszka Mostowska – dean at the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw
Prof. Marek Bryx – prorector at the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw
Prof. Jacek Dyrzyński – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Prof. Piotr Wolański – president of the Space and Satellite Research Committee, Polish Academy of Sciences

Co-creators of the project

IT Team
Piotr Stępień
Michał Chiliński
Piotr Wachowicz

Graphic team
Mateusz Grzejszczyk - author of the main logo

Radio Network Construction Team
Michał Chiliński
Krzysztof Kurek

Ambassadors of the mission
Balbina Gąska - English-speaking countries
Iaroslaw Vizhentas – Russian-speaking countries
Lucia Pascale, Wioletta Wachowicz – Italian-speaking countries
Viviana Zambeat - Spanish-speaking countries
Zuzanna Roque d'Orbcastel - French-speaking countries
Elizabeth Finzi -Turkish-speaking countries

Direct participants of the flight
Marek Ostrowski
Michał Chiliński
Michał Ostrowski
Bohdan Paterczyk
SPECIAL GUEST: a high school student, selected in a contest

Bazyli Dawidziuk - Polish champion of 2014 and multiple member of the national team of balloon pilots. Two-time participant in the prestigious competition World Cup of Gordon Benett. In 2015, together with the pilot Krzysztof Zapart set a record of Poland 1971km length of the flight and the flight time of 69h4min not beaten since 1938).

Sławomir Chudzik
Krzysztof Małecki

ETER Team:
Aleksandra Majerczyk
Jakub Duszyński
Jakub Rudziński
Ignacy Martusewicz