Entitlements and copyrights

The registered participants of the project are entitled for non-commercial use of the photographs for the purpose of creating a temporary exhibition accompanying the project, or displaying them on permanent basis as a keepsake.

If you are interested in obtaining selected files in a higher resolution (or receiving other aerial photos of Warsaw or Poland), please contact the author of the project directly at samper@samper.pl

The photos are commented on during the flight. Some of the comments refer to the texts and images from The Warsaw Triptych album by Marek Ostrowski: Wars's Gaze, Sawa's Visage, The Varsovia.pl Generation. If you are interested in obtaining this album, please contact the author of the project.

One of the goals of the project is to direct society's attention to objects, spaces and phenomena that pass unnoticed in everyday life, but which could easily become trending trademarks of the city. You are welcome to point out your own ideas for such objects or phenomena and I will try to capture them in an image during the next flight.

I am also looking forward to recommending them to city authorities.

Marek Ostrowski