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2017-10-17 16:34:55

Idea of communication


The arteries of the greater city area are urban lay-outs whose role is to channel and manage the traffic. Let’s exercise our imagination and try to separate the very idea of communication from the material environment in which it takes place. Digital technology has made it possible to process an aerial photo and to create an image of just the distribution of the street traffic in non-material space. Looking at an authentic situation on the road, let’s try to recognize the rules guiding the movement of cars and trams. We might also make an attempt to improve efficiency and to work out new, revolutionary rules for municipal communications.

It is important to recognize the main premises of communication. Perhaps, inspired by the image, we might stand on some stretch of street, on some intersection, and imagine how it could look from the air? This is a good exercise for the imagination, and imagination leads to discovery.


The image symbolizes the ability to concentrate upon chosen questions. Motor traffic, isolated from its material context, makes it possible to focus on the idea and strategy itself. Is the movement of vehicles fluid and collision free? What can be improved and what innovative solutions could be applied? Only then can one tie it all with the material reality and consider where the intersection presented in the image is located.

Separate cars and pedestrians from their environment to see the structures and mechanisms governing the traffic. Being a part of this system, can you rise above the ground and analyze it?

How would you optimize it?

Can you notice human rivers, flow systems, nodes or other forms of organization in the way crowds move on sidewalks or squares?

16:11 - Fat Kate