The on-line transmission from the flight

2017-10-17 16:12:20

The wooden houses for the construction workers of post-war Warsaw. They were designed to last for fifteen years. Nevertheless, many of them are still standing today, surrounded by natural green enclave in the center of Warsaw.

Ivy twigs grow and spread themselves inside bathrooms and kitchens of those houses. Much has changed, but nature and history are not the only extraordinary qualities of this place. The Finnish houses settlement in Jazdów is one of the most peculiar socio-cultural spaces in Warsaw.

Local authorities decided to destroy this enclave and sell the grounds to real estate developers. The local community protested and their actions initiated new mechanisms and space for social cooperation. They spontaneously created a new, socially-oriented model for participatory planning and management of urban space. The inhabitants and friends of Jazdów organized a series of multi-level social consultations, owing to which the plan for future development of this place was drafted. A new form for local partnership was also proposed – an informal group that wishes to manage that particular part of the city. How will the idea of social management of urban space develop and what will it eventually become?

In order to find answers for those questions, an interdisciplinary research team has been looking into similar projects from around the world, and they are working on a model for collective management that would encompass all its legal, financial, architectural and developmental aspects. The created model is going to be introduced to Jazdów settlement. Eventually, the goal of the project is to popularize the idea of local community co-working with research facilities, city authorities and social economy entities to develop urban areas.


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