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2017-10-17 16:21:14

The National Stadium, situated in the moist surroundings of the river, is sometimes wrapped in the fog.

The Praski Port and Kamion


After the Second World War wastelands and meadows of Skaryszew became the dumping place for huge masses of rubble from the central part of the ruined city. The rubble was then formed into a bowl on which the 10th-Anniversary Stadium was constructed. Today, the old open-air stadium has been replaced by the modern National Stadium, built for Euro Finals 2012.

It is the most technologically advanced stadium in Poland. Although its shape has irreversibly dominated the landscape, it plays a vital role for large-scale sports, cultural, business, religious or political events. The stadium has become one of the marketing brands of Warsaw.


The remains of an old riverbed of braided Vistula are still visible in the spatial structure of Praga. Left: Saska Island. Praski Port is located in the old estuary of Vistula. Kamionkowskie Lake is what remains of the old river.

East riverbank and the election field in Kamion village. The tributary river passing by the Saska tuft became present-day Kamionkowskie Lake.


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