The on-line transmission from the flight

2017-10-17 16:12:47

The lecture dedicated to the first balloon flights in Warsaw, which served both as a source of entertainment for its citizens and a tool for rapidly developing science in the 19th century.

The lecture was a part of the Varsavianistics curriculum and it was included in the cycle of Warsaw Panorama in Topics. The lecture was conducted by Professor Marek Ostrowski from the basket of the historic balloon “Kościuszko” in the courtyard of the Old Library at the Warsaw University. The place was chosen because it was there where Konrad Brandel photographed the start of a balloon years ago. Karol Brandel was the first European photographer, who took aerial photos of Warsaw from a balloon.

The lecture was supposed to be accompanied by the start of the balloons from the university courtyard, however we were forced to reschedule the flight for the afternoon, and to transport the Balloon Mail on a different route. The professor had received the permission for the start in any direction from the courtyard, in the range of 300 degree angle, except for the direction of Okęcie Airport. Unfortunately, on that day the wind was blowing... in the direction of the airport.

The Warsaw University


The BALLOON-SCI-ART-GALLERY Team flying over Warsaw wishes a happy 200th birthday to the University of Warsaw!

We can wish nothing but all the best, as our Team Leader has been working at the University for over 50 years.

Start of a balloon in the courtyard of the Old Library at the Warsaw University photographed by Karol Brandel.

The postcard of Warsaw Panorama in Topics

The postcard issued by the Polish Post commemorates the academic lectures for Warsaw Panorama in Topics and Varsavianistics. This unique philatelist publication symbolically depicts selected lectures of the cycle.

The Gate of Warsaw University

I was wondering which photo would be the one to represent the University of Warsaw. I think it is the university gate and that's why I chose it as the symbol of the college. It was not its beautiful form, however, that motivated my choice, but the symbolic meaning of the gate.

Gate is a point in space through which one can cross from one world to another, but also a point of transformation. We leave one space, enter another and become someone else. That's how gate was understood in the ancient times.

Transformation and transgression of one world into another, passing from the mundane, traditional world into the world of knowledge and freedom; that was the message behind the happening performance before the start of the balloons.

Gate is also a symbol of power, as exemplified by multiple triumphal arches.

Very few people think of gate as a symbol of judicial power. It evaluates, verifies and refers to a defined set of rules and knowledge. Gate means responsible judgments. That form is represented by the gate to the Constitutional Tribunal, or many city gates or towers in heraldry.

The balloon fliers searching for new points of view and that new perspective on the university gate create a new form of synergy.

A contemporary perspective on the Warsaw University campus (April 2017). In the picture you can see the university library and the campus of the Academy of Fine Arts.

16:11 - Fat Kate