The on-line transmission from the flight

2017-10-17 16:15:30

“Greetings to Marek Ostrowski and the balloon team and all participants in Balloon-Sci-Art-Gallery Project. I wish you success in your tremendous mission over Warsaw. Earth and Space inspires.”

Astronaut George Zamka

Greetings from two astronauts

We have received greetings from astronauts!

Terry Virts, an American astronaut, doing research in Destiny module on the orbit. He was a member of the Endeavor's STS-130 mission to the International Space Station. In 2014/2015, he landed on the station again, this time as an engineer for Soyuz TMA-15A's Expedition 42. On Expedition 43 he was already in charge of the entire mission. During those two missions he spent 200 days on the orbit and went on three space walks, which lasted 19 hours altogether. Virts is the author of a photo book of Earth seen from space, which will be published by National Geographic this October.

George Zamka, an American astronaut who took part in STS-120 and STS-130 missions. The goal of the Shuttle Discovery's STS-120 mission was to deliver the Harmony module to the International Space Station and changing the angle of the station's solar batteries. When Zamka was in charge of the Endeavor's STS-130 mission, they were transporting a Tranquility skybridge and observational module Cupola to the station.

Space laboratory. The Destiny module adjoining the International Space Station. In this laboratory, the astronauts conduct research in the fields of biology, medicine, biotechnology, engineering and Earth observation.

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