The on-line transmission from the flight

2017-10-17 17:29:47

The longest flying balloon with the surface observation team landed in Helenów, which ended the mission flight over Warsaw.

Apart from the imaging equipment and the prototype of the first Polish satellite PW-SAT built by students of the Warsaw University of Technology, the balloon was carrying the balloon mail from the Pola Mokotowskie. The mail included specially designed for the occasion postcards and postage stamps issued by Poczta Polska.

Additional info for the balloon mail:

Starting location:
N 52o 12’ 50’’ E 20o 59’ 35,5’’

Landing location:
N 52o 22’ 49,8’’ E 21o 13’ 47,5’’

Balloon SP-BRD

Balloon crew: chief of the fligth and responsible for transporting of the balloon mail dr Marek Ostrowski, foto transmission Michał Ostrowski, pilot Roman Bauta


16:11 - Fat Kate