The on-line transmission from the flight

2017-10-17 16:01:31


The take-off is accompanied by the mobile installation project called “Hourglass” by Joanna Tumiłowicz from the Painting Faculty at Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw and the Centre of Olympic Education Foundation.

Contrary to its name, the installation is not closed in a form of hourglass, but it is a dynamic open system, common in many mathematical, biological, economic and social systems. The model is universal, and hence it offers universal interpretation.

Young people, dispersed in an open space, are slowly assembling. Concentration results in the change of qualities of thickening matter and the emergence of new compounds. In this case, concentration is forced by physical boundaries, but there can be a more powerful factor causing it: an idea, which does not only concentrate, but also directs. It can be any idea, such as the one behind Varsavianistics.

Coming through this critical point changes us – as in morphogenesis, the process of non-continuous transgressions. Symbolically, when the grey figures pass through a few years of studies, they become butterflies. Varsvianistics makes as change our views about our cities and our own potential. The moment of transformation is one of the most interesting parts of many processes; it marks the change in qualities of dynamic systems.

Inspired by the hourglass idea, we have decided to start our mission in the exact moment of transgression, at its critical point. Like the first Dominoes tile...

The balloon, grounded on the surface of Earth, frees itself and rises into the sky.

We fly over Warsaw...



16:11 - Fat Kate