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The Mokotowskie Fields


Warsaw’s economic growth was accompanied by its gradual transformation into one of Russia’s border towns, which involved the city’s gradual militarization. Amongst the general reconstruction, large areas of the city and of the foreground were designated and built up for military purposes: as training grounds, warehouses, and parade areas.

The extensive Marsowe Pole (Mars Fields) and called the Plac Broni (Arms Square) appeared in the region of today’s Stawka and Dzika streets – a place where great army parades, for which Grand-Duke Constantine had a predilection, were held. TO the north, in the Żolibord district, the barracks of the Imperial Foot Guards were rebuilt, while to the south of the city, exercise grounds for the Russian cavalry were designated under the name of Mokotów Military Fields.


The Mokotowskie Fields

Balloons before start in the Gordon Benett Trophy competition.


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