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2017-10-17 16:05:47

Warsaw Water Filters

Each of us needs a heart, this source of emotions and feelings, and at the same time the most vital part of our body, pumping blood to make our organism function. For Warsaw, similar role is played by the system of waterworks and sewerage, respectfully called “Warsaw Water Filters.” This vast, green area with underground infrastructure is the constantly beating heart of the city.


Aerophoto of Warsaw Water Filters

The Plant for Rapid Sand Filters. The Balloon Gallery will be located in this beautiful hall, right behind the clock.

A slow sand filter tank filled with water, which seeps through the layer of extra pure sand and gravel from the Vistula River bed.

In the summer of 2016, the descendant of William Lindley, William V, visited Warsaw Filters and admired the work of his great-great-great grandfather

The final tank for pure water no. 3.

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