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2017-10-17 16:11:38

The Ujazdów Castle and small Stanisław axis with the Królewski (the Royal, now Piaseczyński) Canal seen from the perspective abowe (Square at the Crossroads)

The Stanisław Axis

Ujazdowski Castle was built by Zygmunt III in the place of a former stronghold of the Mazovian dukes, which had been burned during a incursion. In the middle of the 18th century, the next owner of the castle, King Stanisław August, commissioned its redesign into a monarchical residence. The reconstruction of the castle was accompanied by the extension, this time towards the west, of the existing small axis to the east.

The Stanisław axis, one of the largest spatial developments in the Warsaw of that time, was inspired by French urbanistic ideas, and has had a lasting effect on the development of southern Warsaw: until today large fragments of the original are legible in the cityscape.

The urban concept visible in the photo could be called the ‘Stanisław constellation.’ The so-called ‘Great Stanisław Axis’ is perfectly visible – the segment from the Plac Na Rozdrożu (at the bottom of the photo) to the Warsaw Filters, which were built considerably later on the axis line.

16:11 - Fat Kate