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Registration allows you to participate in the project not only by accessing the mission photos, it also enables you to post the pictures of your own gallery, and to present your works in the World Gallery.

Your registration on the world map is connected with the geographic space, not the date you do it. Every post is equally valuable and everyone has equal access to all posts and comments, there is no established hierarchy. Although the main page of the project is available in seven languages, during the registration on the world map you can comment in any language you use in your daily life. If you want your message to be more widespread, however, it is best to include a short translation in English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, etc. Still, our primary means of communication are images.

See on the map of the world what others have ideas on exposure photo gallery. It constantly growing.

The date and any additional information about the balloon launch will be revealed in an email, sent to the address you indicated during the registration.