The photos transmitted from the balloon are not meant to be simply presented to the viewers; they are also an invitation to participate in a large-scale scientific, artistic and social project. Our main idea is to gather people from all over the world to take part in an online live transmission from the balloon flight over Warsaw.

The photos they receive will be used to create small, local galleries on all continents. Maybe there will be a hundred of them, maybe a few thousands. They will be identical only at first glance; actually, they will all be different – individual and personally designed; staged in various spaces, both prestigious or home-like. These private galleries are going to be exhibited in various environmental and weather conditions, in different geographical and cultural contexts.


Anyone can watch the balloon transmission online, but only the people who register will be able to actively participate in the project. Both individuals and groups can take part. During the registration process, you indicate the place where you intend to exhibit the photos from the mission. One registration entails one exhibition place, however you can register many places, which gives you more opportunities to present your part in the project.

Each registration assigns you to a personal mini-portal for presenting your own photo works and gives you the access to the works of other participants. It also becomes a part of the WORLD GALLERY, described in Stage 3.

Registration enables you to proceed to Stage 2.

On the world map on the website we can see where and how other people plan to present their galleries. The photos may be exhibited in laboratories, at your workplace or in public space, such as local art gallery, playground, street, park alley or along a country road. They can be publicly screened on the town square or aboard a ship. You may also display them in private space: at your own home. To give you an example, one of the registered places is the bottom of a lake, with extra info about the lake provided by the author of that exhibition. Somebody else is going to hang the printed photos on a countryside fence, with a panorama of the entire village in the background.


As soon as the transmission starts, the photos should be printed and displayed. After doing this, you need to photograph your project space. In this way, everybody will be able to see not only the aerial photos of Warsaw (which, thanks to you, will be seen by the guests of your own exhibition), but also many interesting places and exhibition ideas from around the globe. The place and form of your BALLOON-SCI-ART-GALLERY is entirely up to you.

The downloaded balloon photos do not necessarily have to be printed if there is no printer available; they can be displayed on the screen of your own computer or mobile phone. Please remember that the photos will be available only for a few hours after which they disappear from the website. Only a few of them, selected by the participants, will be restored later on (link).

Please take pictures not only of the exhibited photographs, but also of the surrounding area, i.e. city, village, building, lab or natural landscape that hosted the Balloon Mission exhibition for those few hours.


Documenting and uploading the photos from the exhibition to our website will enable you to take part in Stage 3 of the project. Apart from the photos mentioned before, you can post pictures of you or your team: who are you, what you do –  whatever you want to show other participants.

It is best to prepare some of them beforehand. The photos should be inserted into special frames on your account after you post the footage from your exhibition. When you do that, your status in the project changes: you are not only a viewer but also a publisher and co-author of the global exhibition of BALLOON-SCI-ART-GALLERY, created around the world at exactly the same time. This global gallery will become a self-portrait of the participants, showing who we are, where and what we live for. Individual self-portraits will contribute to the group showcase, the WORLD GALLERY. In this way, you can present not only your own photos, but also promote your hometown or even the entire region, if many people from your area decide to participate.

The photos you take for the WORLD GALLERY may be simple or artistic, and their form and style are entirely up to you.

Independently from hundreds of private BALLOON-SCI-ART-GALLERY displays, we will create one global exhibition, the WORLD GALLERY, which will consist of the photos taken almost simultaneously by thousands of people. It will become a portrait of the world and the global community assembled  to take part in the balloon project. The WORLD GALLERY is going to give the BALLOON-SCI-ART-GALLERY project an entirely new dimension: one that cannot be observed from the balloon, but that can only be shown by you. The more of us take part, the more complete and meaningful this picture will be.