Long-runner’s calm: flight after August 25

Wind forecast for 2017-06-25

Sometimes it happens that we can launch a flight right away, but more often we are forced to wait for good weather conditions. Even more so, when our parameters are very strict: set place for the take-off, precise flight direction of 20-30 deg. angular diameter that would enable us to fly over the city on the scheduled route for over ten kilometers with good speed, at set temperature, altitude and time – two hours before the sunset. Unfortunately, those conditions were not met neither in May nor in June. In those two months we had a lot of violent storms instead. Storms are beautiful, especially when graphically depicted, but they would make the flight over a heavily urbanized and turbulent area quite risky.

Time has been yet another obstacle: we intend this flight to be the first ever live airborne lesson, hence it should take place during the school year, not later than on June 25, when summer holidays began.

Moreover, the upcoming visit of the President of the US means that the airspace over Warsaw will be temporarily closed.

Due to all those factors, we have to reschedule the flight for after holidays. The readiness alert is planned for August 25 , just before the start of the new semester in Polish schools.

If it happens that the we still don't have optimum weather conditions at that time, we will cover the northbound route by helicopter, and the balloon will fly on a different route, e.g. east- or wet bound.

For the time being, instead of pictures of the city, we are sharing a beautifully rendered image of barometric situation in Warsaw from the last few days. The winds you see there are best to be enjoyed at home, in front of a monitor, not experienced in a balloon basket.