Privacy policy

User data

Data provided by users are used for the Balloon Sci-Art Gallery project purposes only.
Data will not be shared with third parties neither for marketing nor for any other purposes.

Data provided by users can be made public in the following scope:
- nickname or full name (users' choice during registration)
- username (login) - indirectly wihin e.g. web access paths
- pictures and their descriptions uploaded by users
- location on the map and their descriptions

The following will never be made public or shared with others:
- e-mail address
- full name (separate field from "nickname or full name")
The above serve only for communication with users by the Balloon Sci-Art Gallery team.

Google Maps

The project webpage uses Google Maps API. Location selected by user is therefore automatically visible to the Google company, together with other public user fields listed above.

Data removal

At any point user can request full removal of the data provided, without giving any explanations. To do so, please send e-mail request to or from the same e-mail that was provided during registration process.


The project webpage uses cookies technology to enhance the user experience. Cookies are tiny bits of informations saved on the users's PC or other accessing device. Cookies can be disabled in the browser's settings.

Data protection

The project webpage uses and relies on company servers hosting services.
We do our best to follow good practices and ensure security standards of our webpages.

By registering in the Balloon Sci-Art Gallery webpage user accepts this privacy policy.

Balloon Sci-Art Gallery Team