Special bonuses

If you are fully registered and you confirm that you accessed and exhibited the photos after the transmission, you are going to get special bonuses:

    You will be entitled to choose your favourite transmitted photo and get it in high resolution (real-life format up to 1-meter wide at the basis) for your exclusive private use, e.g. to hang it on your wall. The picture will be sent to the e-mail address you use to confirm the transmission and from which you send us the photo documenting your exhibition. After the flight, you will get a special password with which you can access previously unpublished, unique photos from the flight, the ones that will be taken from other cameras and places. Those snapshots are going to be as extraordinary as those taken from the balloon and only registered viewers will get a chance to see them. You, the photo you selected and the description of your exhibition will be included in the commemorative publication about the flight. Good way to promote yourself or your community!

As you can see, it is worth to fully register and actively participate in the project. Getting the transmission, exhibiting balloon photos of Warsaw and snapping a picture of your exhibition – do it and your photo will be published in our project book!

For now, until the take-off of the balloons, please feel welcome to check the project website frequently – updates about the flight really often from now on!