Waiting for the right weather conditions

Prognoza meteo.pl 2017-06-05

We have been ready for the start for two weeks, our equipment and online transmission software have been tested a number of times, and the crews are waiting to be called to Pole Mokotowskie for the take off.

The plans for launching the BALLOON-SCI-ART-GALLERY mission are difficult to realize because flights over Warsaw are under heavy restrictions, which means that we have got a permission for only one narrow route for our flight.

For those two weeks, we have been waiting for the right meteorological conditions: stable wind from the southern direction at 180-200 degree angle, 5-6 hours with no changes in the weather, the right wind direction present at the altitude of 610 meters, wind speed of 4-5 m/s (in order not to stay hovering over the city), temperature up to 25 C, no strong currents of hot air masses over the city.

Unfortunately, those conditions have not been met yet, but we are determined to do it – even if it becomes a greater challenge than a flight over Tatra Mountains.

The image show the weather forecasts for June 5. Required conditions are indicated, with the crucial one - the wind direction. The direction also has to remain stable on all altitudes, otherwise the changing wind would not only steer us towards air corridors of Okęcie airport, but it could push the balloons backwards, right to the airfield.