The idea of the balloon mission is going to be continued in the forthcoming edition of the three-semester postgraduate studies “Man-City-Environment” at the University of Warsaw.

This unique Varsavianistics programme is supported by the City Knowledge Academy and its instructors. The upcoming edition is devoted to the exploration of Warsaw, this time not only from the historic point of view, but also from airborne and balloon perspective.

Such an organisation of the curriculum is extraordinary and innovative, the proposed approach modern and fascinating, both in terms of content and form of the classes. Warsaw is an excellent example to discover and analyze city dynamics, space planning, historical, economic or legislative influences. Moreover, we will research the imprint that city leaves on a human mind (city mentality). This new and interdisciplinary approach is rarely taken in the course of other study programmes. The basis of our analysis of causes and effects, spatial location, history, ecology, environment and society will be, among others, looking from airborne and satellite perspective. The studies are dedicated to everybody who wants to get to know their city, tourist guides and teachers. The acquired knowledge will be a great help in class, when teaching such subjects as history, geography, environment mathematics, physics, art, foreign languages and IT. The teachers enrolled for the postgraduate programme can also bring their students for selected lectures.

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After the flight we plan to organise a series of seminars and conferences dedicated both to the topics above and to the photographs taken during the project. Those events will be addressed to the residents of Warsaw and students on all levels, including the participants of the “Human-City-Environment” postgraduate programme.

The seminars and conferences will take place in lecture halls of the colleges taking part in the project, mainly in the modern buildings of the Biology Department at the University of Warsaw, where Varsavianistic Studies are taught.