The Countdown Begins

The balloons will be ready for the take off on October 13th, however the flight might be postponed due to weather conditions and southern wind, which we patiently await. Patience is essential for this project's success.

When the chance to launch the balloons arises, we will inform you about it on our website one day before the start. The registered users will additionally receive individual notifications.

As the recipients of the transmission are located in different time zones, the time will be given as UTC, with reference to a few selected cities around the world.

The take off will be confirmed for the second time five hours before the flight, and for the third time – about one hour before it. At that time, the balloons will be already undergoing preparations for the start. This last confirmation will mean that the launching is almost certain, however even then we must take into account suddenly changing weather conditions. If everything goes well, a new window will open on our website, created especially for the transmission. This will be the final signal that the balloons are ready to fly.

The live transmission will comprise of the photos taken over Warsaw and it will be supplemented by comments in Polish and English, if possible. The bonus material will include a few sets of 2-3 aerial or ground-level pictures prepared beforehand.

This is the last notice published in seven languages. From now on, the information on the website will be published only in Polish and English.