The flight postponed until spring! In the meantime…

Our plan was to show the beauty of Warsaw at its best, however since the rainy days of gloomy autumn have already come together with first signs of winter, we decided to postpone the flight until May of next year, when the city will be in full bloom – literally. This change has many other benefits. We are going to spend the winter actively developing the project.

In September and October, the balloons were set up for the flight a dozen times. We were waiting for good weather conditions, nevertheless the favourable forecasts had never proved accurate. In order to fully understand the difficulties we have faced, you need to realize that a flight from Pole Mokotowskie Park through the very heart of Warsaw to the densely populated suburbs and forests in the north means that there would be no chance of crash landing for the balloons. Good landing spots are located about 25-35 km from the starting place. Simultaneously, this distance has to be covered in 2 – 2,5 hours before the fuel runs out. Due to that, the wind should not only be in the proper direction, it also needs to have certain speed. Moreover, the vision should be clear, with no rainfall.

If you are interested, please check the weather forecasts for the upcoming days here:

and archived meteorograms with specific meteorological values for our starting place can be found here:

The diagrams show quite clearly that in the last few weeks meteorological conditions were far from acceptable for take off. The wind never had stable direction nor proper speed.

Postponing the flight until spring gives us better chances to fly and show Warsaw exactly as we dreamed of. Apart from that, we can enlarge the scope of the project. With each day, new people are registering their gallery ideas at our website.

We are also cooperating with Poczta Polska (Polish Post) to promote the project: currently, we are working on comments to the project postcard  and a series of special personalized stamps. We plan to present them in a few weeks time, so please stay tuned for our next bulletin!