Dear Friends,

Our flight for the BALLOON-SCI-ART-GALLERY project has finally taken place. It has been the first-ever hot-air balloon flight over the centre of Warsaw. Together, we create the history of the city!

It’s also the first educational and scientific project from which the pictures were directly transmitted to Earth and live-viewed at schools and many other educational and cultural institutions in Poland and abroad. The mission was also broadcasted for the students of Varsavianistics and watched in real time during their lectures. We also had many viewers not affiliated with any institution, who were simply curious about the project.

As a consequence, a new form of education has come into being: live-broadcast, interdisciplinary and unconventional. The broadcast was conducted by the crew of the first balloon, who focused on observing the surface of the Earth. The crew from the second balloon dealt with analyzing the atmosphere, and the samples they collected will be presented during the upcoming conference at the Faculty of Biology at the University of Warsaw.

The number of people watching us directly and via online broadcast exceeded our expectations; moreover, numerous people decided to take part actively and prepare their own exhibitions.

During the last few days after the flight we saw exactly how many people joined to create our world gallery in its innovative form. We have seen not only the pictures from Warsaw, but also from many places around the world where you exhibited the photos. The gallery presenting them all will be open on the project website soon!

Just as some of you requested, we decided to share the photos for a longer a period of time than originally planned, so you can still create your galleries wherever in the world you want. Please bear in mind that both the idea for the place and the form of the exhibition are important. The most interesting exhibitions and the descriptions you provide for them will be commemorated in our project photobook. This is also a completely new idea and the first such initiative in history, so it’s worth to do your best and prepare an intriguing exhibition with an appealing commentary. Of course, we don’t forget about the galleries that were created simultaneously with the transmission – they will be especially honored.

We would like to thank all those people and institutions who continuously supported us and made this project happen.

The flight gave us a lot of experience: we tested the quality of transmission, options for research, and possibilities for social interaction and perception. Using this experience, we are planning to launch another flight over Warsaw in the spring 2018 to collect more data for scientific and educational purposes.

Thanks to your interest in the project, we decided to rebuild our website and for the past few days we have been adding new features to it. Please continue to visit us and take part in the follow-up of the project.