Just as we informed before, the balloon journey:

- will be directly transmitted online, with frequent updates of aerial photos taken at the most interesting points of the journey. The ground-based viewers are encouraged to arrange the photos into a gallery and exhibit it in the place of their choice. All those diverse personal galleries will be created simultaneously around the globe

- will present modern ways of Earth observation and atmosphere research

- will be the first interdisciplinary school lesson in history (subjects covered: Geography, History, Environment Education, Maths, physics, Chemistry Arts, Economy, etc.), conducted live from the sky. It is yet another methodological and organizational challenge for the project. Numerous schools from around the world have already decided to register and take part in the lesson.

Because of this, the flight has to take place on a school day, weekends excluded. It is yet another obstacle for us, but in order to get ourselves more chances to finally set off and fly over the city centre, we chose a few alternative starting points. In this way we can make use of more available wind paths.

Right now, the starting points are:

  1. Pole Mokotowskie Park N 52o12’32’’ E 20o59’38’’ to the south from the pond. This beautiful park is popular among the people of Warsaw throughout the year. It was also the place where the first planes in Poland took off and where the first balloon races were organized.
  2. Syrenka Stadium N 52o12’45’’ E 21o00’43’’. Now turned into the first golf club in the city. The club eagerly agreed to share their field with us. More about the place at http://wawagolf.pl/
  3. RKS Skra Stadium N 52o12’50’’ E 20o59’38’’. Historic athletics stadium.
  4. KS Delta Stadium N 52o11’10’’ E 21o04’27’’. Local club, welcoming to all newcomers. Picturesque location by the Czerniakowskie Lake. The people who decide to take part in the take off here, are invited to drop by a special coffee shop opened in an old school bus.
  5. Olimpia Stadium, next to the Na Moczydle Park N 52o14’27’’ E 20o57’12’’. Another club that is ready to share their pitch for the balloon take off.

We are grateful to all of them, and will never forget their kindness. Please take note of all those places if you want to come and see the take off on the spot. When the starting point is decided, the Polish Post will put up a stall for the balloon mail, where you will have a chance to obtain a special card and a commemorative stamp.